IBSA Judo Grand Prix Baku by the numbers: Azerbaijan win biggest share of medals


“IBSA Judo Grand Prix Baku 2019” lasting two days, on May-13-14 in our capital finished. 223 sportsmen from 35 countries came to Azerbaijan for participating at the competition. 11 out of them were not allowed to participate at the competition for not passing medical classification. 212 tested their strength at the competition. 150 of them were men and 62 women.

Besides the sportsmen, the number of the persons came to Baku regarding the completion was 143.

18 out of them were international trainers, 6 doctors carrying out international classification, 7 technical staff, and 112 staff serving the sportsmen. The Delegation of Italy Blind Paralympic Sport Federation was represented in the level of President and Vice-Presıdent. Thus, the number of the guests came to our capital for the competition was 400.

The men with -60kg, -66kg, -73kg, – 90kg, – 100kg and +100kg categories while women with -48kg, -52kg, -57kg, -63kg,-70kg and +70kg categories fought for sets – 52 medals. 20 out of 35 countries returned their countries with medals. 21 sportsmen represented Azerbaijan at the competition. 11 out of them were men and 10 women. Azerbaijan para athletes won three gold, 4 silver and four bronze medals of which two gold, 1 silver and two bronze medals belong to girls. Male sportsmen won 1 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medal.

For the number of medals Azerbaijan won the first place with 11 medals, Uzbekistan the second place with 8medals and Russia won the third place with 5 medals.

For the value of medals Uzbekistan won the first place (4 gold), Azerbaıjan won the second place ( 3 gold) and Ukraine won the third place (1 gold).

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